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2023-11-11 17:00 - 22:00 @ Hannahstown Hall


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We are delighted to extend our warmest invitation to you and your family for the upcoming OMNI Family dinner and DJ night.Prepare to embark on a gastronomic journey through the vibrant flavors and aromas of Kerala, as we showcase an array of delectable dishes.


Welcome Drink,Pazham pori & Beef,Appam and Chicken Stew,Pulav Rice,Chana masala,Pasta Bolognese,Payasam,Ice cream.

Ticket rates

Adult Single - £15

Adult (Group of 2) - £29

Children under 3 Free

Child Single - £10 (4-11 years)

Child (Group of 2) - £18

Child (Group of 3) - £25

Child (Group of 4) - £31

Child (Group of 5) - £36

Venue: Hannahstown Hall,125-133 Upper Springfield Rd, Hannahstown, BT17 0YY Belfast





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Organisation of Malayalees in Northern Ireland (OMNI)

The "Organization of Malaylees in Northern Ireland," popularly known as OMNI, is a non-profit cultural organisation that promotes social, cultural, sporting, charitable, and literary activities among Malayalees in Northern Ireland, as well as organising cultural and charitable activities in the general interest and well-being of the association's members as and when required and coordinating such activities with other communities. Ever since its inception in 2009, OMNI has played a vital and integral part in promoting the welfare of the community in Northern Ireland. We preserve and promote Indian culture, especially Kerala culture, through various festivals and events organised throughout the year. Most of our members came to the United Kingdom as a workforce for the health sector. Having recognised the significance of establishing a common forum where people from Kerala can come together, regardless of caste, creed, or religion, to get to know one another and collaborate with locals to maintain social harmony, The State of Kerala, one of the states in the Republic of India, was officially taken into the history of India in 1956. The people of Kerala can say with pride that they have their own language, literature, and distinct cultural heritage. OMNI expects cooperation and support from all Malayalees to make this association a vibrant one and do activities for the benefit of the society we are living in. We welcome all Malayalee families who are present in Northern Ireland to join us.


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